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Corn Caps
      Decorn Corn Caps

Decorn Corn Caps

Amrutanjan Decorn corn caps are ayurvedic medicine for corn removal in foot. It is quick acting and comes in easy to use bandage. Its soothing effect gives long lasting relief. Its quick action helps in achieving soft feet and removes corn effectively. It is completely natural, safe to use and has no side effects.


Do not apply any corn treatment if the skin is inflamed or broken. Do not use corn treatment for any other purpose. First clean and thoroughly dry the skin around the corn. This is important to ensure adhesion. Remove the facing material and position the telt ring very carefully so that it surrounds the corn. Fix firmly in position with the adhesives straps. When properly applied it should not move or slip. The cap should be left in position for atleast six days before attempting to remove the corn. Fit another cap if the corn is not easily removable and inspect every two days.


Available in Wallet of 4 Bandages


Narmalic amal, Ganda biroja, ointment base