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body ache   body ache relief

       body ache relief

Body Ache Gel Pad

The multipurpose Body Ache Gel Pad is effective for aches and stiffness,arthritis, sport injuries,post-surgical conditions and menstrual discomfort.

This reusable Hot or Cold Gel Pad gives hot therapy for aches and stiffness and cold therapy for pain and swelling.

Hot fomentation is useful to ease stiffness and relieves muscle pain caused by fatigue. It restores the muscle elasticity and increases the blood circulation to the affected area.

Cold fomentation produces vasoconstriction (narrowing of blood vessels) which slows blood circulation thereby decreasing inflammation, swelling and pain. It is also useful to reduce swelling from muscle injuries, sports injuries, joints in arthritis and sprains.


Hot fomentation

1. By the use of hot water

    • Place the gel pad in hot water (approx 70˚C) for about 5 mins
    • Take out the pad from hot water, wipe it clean with cloth and keep into the cloth provided in the kit
    • Now the pad is ready to use

2. By the use of microwave oven

    • Place the gel pad in microwave oven for 45-50 secs on high power
    • Take out the pad from the oven and keep into the cloth provided in the kit
    • Now the pad is ready to use

Cold fomentation

    • Place the gel pad in the freezer for about 20 to 25 minutes, now the pad is ready to use